The Tire Protection Plan applies only to card holders of the Maxxis Adventure Team Exclusive Club. The protection plan is good for one (1) year.



  1. 1 year coverage of the Tire Protection Plan only for the tire category patterns of PASSENGER CAR (PC), All-TERRAIN (AT) and HIGHWAY TERRAIN (HT) with wheel diameter size of 15 inch and above. Patterns M9060, MT772, MT764 CL18, CL28, Sahara MT II, PJ33 (PRESA) and other trail off-road tire patterns are not included.

  2. Only the tire/s purchased using MATEC shall only be covered by the tire protection plan.

  3. Damaged tire/s should be brought to the store where the purchased was made and shall be subject for inspection and review of APBW/ Maxxis Tire Technical person.

  4. The tire protection plan shall be applicable under the following conditions:

    • If the tire is repairable, APBW shall cover the repair expenses.

    • If the tire is beyond repair but the remaining tread depth is more than 80% from the original tread depth, APBW will cover 100% replacement of the tire with the same pattern and size.

    • If the tire is beyond repair but the remaining tread depth is less than 80% of the remaining tread depth, APBW will cover the computed amount based on the remaining tread depth measured. Replacement of new tire/s shall be discounted based on the consumed tread depth.

    • In reference to the safety standard tread depth 1.6MM shall be subtracted on the current tread depth of the damaged tire/s upon computation of the warranty claim. (1.6MM is the tread safety tread depth standard followed by Maxxis International)

    • Only one time replacement is allowed for each tire in every set of tires (2pcs or 4pcs) purchased by the card holder. The same tire which was already claimed for replacement will not be honored for another replacement.

    • Tires purchased for commercial purpose such as rent a car service, Grab Car, Taxi or delivery are not covered by the tire protection plan.

  5. Definition of Road Hazard:

    • A set of tire damage that caused premature removal or end of service of the tire.

    • (Tread cut or puncture, Sidewall Cut or puncture, Sidewall shock rupture due to contact)

    • These damages occur when running against road hazard such as potholes, rocks, curves, metal or glass.

  6. Claiming for the warranty must have the copy (digital or original copy) of the proof of purchase such as the invoice or official receipt and the valid membership card,

  7. Claiming for the warranty shall only be within the period of membership validity of the card.